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Stonwerk Design Center

Suite C-17 in International Market Square


Hours: Monday - Friday

 8am - 3:30pm

We are here to help clients with one of the most important parts of building your dream home: Stone Selection.

the concept

We joined forces with our stone vendors to create a one stop shop for stone selection. Our concept: Simplify the stone selection process.

the process

In each appointment we address the following with the use of our Stonwerk Design Tool:

  • Stone color

  • Stone pattern

  • Stone size

  • Mortar joint color 


End result

We want you to utilize our service with ease. With the help of our design team, you will move forward in your building process with a selection to give to your chosen masonry installer.

 design tool

We can take the manual labor required in building sample panels in the field, to your screen.


Use this technology to watch your selection transform into many different variations and to personalize an "impersonal" object- Stone.  

Welcome to the NEW stone age!

We have developed & patented our very own Stone Selector Tool.

  • stone color

  • stone pattern

  • stone size

  • stone origination

  • mortar joint size

  • mortar joint fullness and finish 

  • mortar joint color

  • stone stills 

  • dynamic cost slider for each selection

Selection Options: 

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