In-House, Personalized Stone Fabrication

We understand that there’s a lot to consider when choosing a stone for a structure, and we’re proud to offer clarity, ease and more than a century of combined experience. Once we’ve found a plan that fulfills your vision, budget and needs, our stone fabrication company, Stonfab, will make your personalized stone a reality!

With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, we’ve partnered with brick and stone experts who give us raw materials to customize to your exact specifications. We’re highly skilled at what we do and can handle high material volumes. In fact, our cutting-edge equipment delivers beautiful stone fabrication results no matter the size of the project. Instead of being constrained by general requirements and aesthetics, let your imagination fly. We’ll keep up and make your vision a reality.

Our Stone Fabrication Tools

Stone fabrication requires specialized equipment, which our fabrication company, Stonfab, uses in order to create the customized materials you need to complete your project. We partner with stone and brick experts for raw materials and we get going on the rest. Let’s take a closer look at the cutting-edge stone fabrication equipment we use to create your custom masonry!


CNC Router

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CNC Router

Computer numerical control (CNC) is used in a variety of technologies and machinery, one of the most popular being the CNC router. This machine aids in cutting materials such as steel, wood, and, you guessed it, stone! The computer numerical control enables us to route paths for the machine to function for precise cuts, increased productivity and much shorter amounts of time.


In order to obtain stone from the quarry, we must first cut it into large chunks, which allows us to further refine the stone. A wiresaw accomplishes this for us using diamonds threaded onto a multi-strand steel cable — hence the “wire” in the name of the large machine. Wiresaws use abrasion to cut rather than teeth like a traditional saw, which reduces the amount of wasted material.

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