In many ways, masonry has developed into something of a lost art. Once upon a time, custom masonry was unquestionably the top choice of structures across the world and human history. You don’t have to try hard to think of some of the most iconic masonry works of all time.

Here at Stonwerk in Minneapolis, we firmly believe that custom masonry is still the top choice for any home because of the many benefits and advantages it has over other structural systems. With more than 150 years of combined experience as a masonry contractor dating back to 1975, we’ve witnessed firsthand just how amazingly beneficial custom masonry is to homes and we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our craft.

Today, we’d like to take a closer look as masonry with you and show you exactly how applying custom masonry to your house is advantageous, both in appearance and functional ways. We’ve identified 10 main areas in which masonry benefits your home, so let’s get started!

  1. Masonry is a Proven Structure

One of the many great things about masonry is the fact that it is a timeless art, proven effective over thousands of years and across nearly every culture in human history. Egyptians constructed pyramids, the Greeks built entire cities and the Romans created an empire on stones and bricks. All of these examples remain in the world today. That’s because masonry is a proven structure, engineered to withstand the test of time. No other material can do what masonry can.

  1. Masonry is Aesthetically Appealing

Just take a few minutes and browse through our gallery of projects here in the Minneapolis area. There’s no denying the fact that custom masonry work looks absolutely stunning. From stone masonry to brick masonry, our craftsmanship adds an element of aesthetic appeal that never goes out of style. This is equally true of the exterior or interior of homes, whether the masonry is the dominant style of your home or a complementary piece, blending modern with the timeless.

  1. Masonry is Cost-Effective

There might be a misconception that custom masonry is more expensive than other methods of construction or remodeling, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Masonry is extremely cost-effective during the initial construction of a project as well as keeping costs down over time because of the low and easy maintenance. Masonry is more durable than drywall and essentially maintenance-free. There are also factors we’ll look at in a bit like lower energy bills and insurance.

  1. Masonry is Energy Efficient

A study conducted by the National Bureau of Standards revealed conclusively that masonry outperforms other construction systems when it comes to effective dynamic heating and cooling conditions. Masonry did better than lightweight backup and wall systems because its mass provides a critical energy economy by reducing heat loss in cold temperatures and heat gain in hot temperatures. Due to masonry’s storage qualities, it assists in reducing heating and cooling loads in order to offer long-term energy savings.

  1. Masonry is a Fire Barrier

Built from stone or brick, masonry gives your home a permanent structural fire barrier that cannot combust or fail due to a lack of maintenance. Masonry walls are tested up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for load-bearing conditions and don’t fire even when blasted by a fire hose. No other tested fire barrier performs to an equal level. This is especially great for buildings such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and colleges.

  1. Masonry is a Noise Barrier

Similar to the previous benefit, masonry walls are exceptional noise barriers, both from the outside and within the home. Because of their density, sound waves don’t travel through acoustic holes or gaps, creating a quieter environment.

  1. Masonry is a Compatible Material

Masonry offers your home an incredible level of strength, structurally making masonry the ideal load-bearing system because the structural load offers stiffness when resistance to lateral loads is called for. There is little to no risk of cracking, leaking or other structural complications with professional, experienced installation.

  1. Masonry is “Green”

The manufacturing process of masonry materials is low in energy consumption, especially when compared to other material manufacturing processes. Masonry does not deplete forests, pollute the environment or drain natural resources. There is also no chance of water buildup, which leads to mold and mildew, causing health issues for residents.

  1. Masonry Allows for Possibilities

Custom masonry affords you as a homeowner so many possibilities. Whatever your dream or vision, there are the options in color, material and texture to create something completely unique to you and the property. Stone masonry provides its own look and feel and brick masonry is the perfect, timeless feature to any home’s exterior or interior. Masonry does it all from structural advantages, decorative applications or exterior cladding. There is no other system that can do it all and prove it decade after decade, century after century and millennium to millennium.

  1. Masonry Increases Value

Tying it all together, custom masonry projects for your home simply increase the property’s value overall. The aesthetic appearance of your home goes a long way all on its own, providing your house a unique quality that potential buyers just won’t be able to find anywhere else in Minnesota or beyond. Combine that with the cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and practical security masonry offers, and no other home brings as much to the table. Because custom masonry is a timeless look, the home will never go out of style and you know it will last over the years thanks to its durability and low maintenance responsibilities. 

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