1975 to present

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150+ Years

of combined experience.


The average price of gas is 44 cents per gallon, Microsoft invents the first personal computer, and Steve Homola is serving as an apprentice in a family masonry business in southwestern Washington. He then moved to the Twin Cities and after a short period of other contract mason opportunities, Homola Masonry was born.


OJ Simpson is acquitted in the “trial of the century”, NASA spacecraft Galileo arrives at Jupiter- six years after its launch, and the world sees a decrease in the all-masonry fireplace as a common feature in the typical home; the 'Stonwerk' name is born. Stonwerk then refocuses its  attention to revive the almost-forgotten art of stone masonry, which had been all but eliminated in the modern world and in our region, the Twin Cities residential market.


America went through one of it's worst economic downturns and cloud computing came in to use for the public. Stonwerk moved its shop and office from Mound to Watertown. We bought our first 3-axis CNC stone router and CNC stone wire saw to increase our on-site capability and service. We use Raken and Smartsheet to improve employee communication and were now a 4th generation family business.